Candidate Platform

Balancing Portland’s Budget:

Reduce the number of dependents on government payroll. Scrap non-essential programs.

Portland’s Schools:

All of us are very concerned about the future of Portland’s schools, and the dismal lack of accountability that has become the norm. Portland’s youth are not getting the education they are entitled to and, in my opinion, Portland’s drop-out rate is proof. The adults responsible for this should be discovered and held accountable. New standards should be enforced, and teachers should expect to keep their jobs based on the actual results of their performance.

Government Accountability:

Let's develop accountability measures which will hold council members personally responsible and possibly legally accountable for serious malfeasance in their assigned bureaus. The police bureau will be overseen by the Mayor’s office.
* Citizen review board will be created with binding authority to police the police.
* Increase the IQ standards for new officers.
* Maintain police and emergency services funding.
* Increase the amount of time for citizen statements at city council meetings.
* Reverse the decision to provide sex-change operations at tax-payer expense.


Portlander's will benefit from a non-gmo seed bank. These seeds will be available to Portland residents for the purpose of creating more home and community gardens. A home garden can translate into over $1,000.00 a year savings in typical produce purchases. The ability to grow healthy food is more important now, than ever.

* Create a city still to produce fuel grade alcohol ( This resource will provide an enormous fuel savings to city fleet vehicles, and also to the general public.

* Develop a team to work on clearing the underbrush and snags throughout Forest Park. The forest is too cluttered with debris that can be fuel for a forest fire. The forest bed should be clear and only the strongest, tallest trees should be standing. This will ensure a safe future for our renowned natural treasure.

Jobs for Portland:

I will work to increase jobs in Portland by making it easier to do business in the city. It is far too expensive to conduct business in Portland, and this fact makes it nearly impossible for young entrepreneurs to make their business dreams a reality. Medium and large companies are overwhelmed and are fleeing the area. The fact is that we need to create an environment than benefits business more, and government less. I will challenge regulations which prohibit reasonable growth in private sector heavy industry. I support guest worker programs, but believe the “sanctuary city” position the city promotes has gone too far. I believe it is unreasonable to consider carpentry, masonry, roofing, landscaping, plumbing, painting and other trades to be unskilled jobs as your government does now. I believe that while supporting a lawful guest worker program, we can also get these “family wage” jobs back to our citizens who need them the most.

Prosperity for Portland:

My first idea to promote our prosperity is to create the “Portland Note”. This will be a debt free note based on one’s labor. Business and private residents can use it to pay a percentage of their city based taxes and fees. The note will also help offset the transfer of wealth from foreign workers because the note would only be useable in the Portland area. I will also begin the process of repealing council generated laws which make living in Portland cumbersome.

Social Needs:

The number of Portland’s homeless families is at an all-time high. Instead of funding a bike lane, I propose funding our local non-profits that can help these families in serious need. I will work with Multnomah County to turn the befuddled Wapato facility into an intake center for those in serious need of mental health treatment services. I will create a task-force using Portland police detectives that will focus on the real problem of child sex abuse and trafficking.

Pet Projects:

  • * Create the first ever Portland Grand-Prix. We will use the I-405 loop as a course for participants to rally for city charities. All drivers would provide an entrance fee, proof of current insurance and license. All vehicles will have to pass a mechanical and safety examination before entering the course.
  • * Lift the cruising ban downtown on Broadway, Burnside and 4th Ave.
  • * Bring back the once annual fundraiser “Mayors Ball”.
  • * Lift the citizen exclusion zones, the spray paint with ID requirement and Sunday parking fees.
  • * Work to eliminate red-light cameras in the city.
  • * Reverse the bag ban and work towards producing a reasonable substitute such as hemp cellulose, which is durable and biodegradable.
  • * Refurbish the historic public restrooms at Pioneer Square that will be staffed and open from 7am to 3am.